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Summit Building Services is proud to have the best team in the janitorial industry, or any industry for that matter. Our team members are dedicated stewards of dozens of facilities, and they help us to create a greener, cleaner, and healthier world every single day. Through a shared commitment to excellence, we're creating new opportunities for our team members and revolutionizing janitorial services for our clients. 

If you can pledge to keep our company ideals of character, competence and caring in mind while at work, then apply for this position. We look forward to meeting you!

We currently have an open commercial cleaning position in (Area). Our goal is to keep the building in a clean and well-kept condition. (Choose from the following list of building specifications. If there is additional information that should be present, include as well)

This is an industrial building and would include cleaning shop areas like locker rooms as well as break rooms and dining areas.

This is a medical facility and would include taking out biohazard trash and running an auto scrubber.

This is a traditional office building, including private offices, conference rooms, and kitchen/lunchroom space.

This is a public building that requires daily care for floors, restrooms, consumables, and disinfection.

X hours weekly: shift(s) and days

Pay: $ hourly 

You must have reliable transportation to get to and from work and be able to a pass drug test and background check. If you have experience in housekeeping, environmental services, commercial cleaning, or janitorial services we encourage you to apply!

1. Complete job specifications for assigned buildings
      • Clean offices and common areas: Disinfect desks and tabletops, dust, vacuum, sweep, mop, etc
      • Clean floors: Dust mop, damp mop, sweep, vacuum, dust, and pick up larger objects off the floor
      • Clean restrooms: Restock dispensers, empty trash, clean and sanitize fixtures, clean mirrors, spot clean partition doors and walls, sweep and mop tile floors, and clean toilets and urinals.
      • Others: Empty trash cans and replace liners, spot clean glass and windows, dust vents and other hard to reach places as needed
2. Maintain equipment and order supplies
3. Maintain organization of assigned areas: Includes keeping clean and dirty laundry separate and keeping the janitor’s closet clean
4. Use the communication book to request consumables and share relevant facility information
5. Communicates with Area Manager: Regarding timekeeping, supplies, client requests, and other relevant issues or concerns
6. Follow all health and safety regulations
7. Perform additional duties as assigned


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