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Now hiring heroes to fill essential positions in our healthcare facilities!

Colorado Commercial Services, a Denver based medical cleaning company is seeking ambitious, self-motivated ā€œAā€ players to fill essential positions in our organization. These positions are essential to the success of the company and are considered heroes in the healthcare community and beyond. They are responsible for daily cleaning operations and protecting patients and staff by preventing the spread of infectious disease.

We are hiring highly organized individuals who will excel at CCS. It is part of our company culture to provide an Exceptional Experience for Everyone (E3). These EVS Heroes play a critical role in achieving E3 by providing an excellent first impression with employees, clients, patients and by interacting with current staff in a professional and pleasant manner.

The right candidate will possess and demonstrate our 5 Core Values:

G.S.D.R. - G.S.D.R. stands for GET STUFF DONE RIGHT and get it done right the first time!
Squared Away - Squared Away people operate in an organized fashion and perform above a satisfactory level for extended periods of time. Their appearance, work, closets, supplies and equipment all are neat and organized.
Team Player - Team Players know a team is only as good as its weakest link. Every role within the company is significant and there is no ā€œIā€ in team.
Will-Do Attitude - A person with a will-do attitude brings ingenuity, creativity, positivity and the utmost willingness to lend a hand any time.
Accountability - Accountable people are accountable to themselves first and also accountable to others. Accountable people G.S.D.R. (the first time)!!


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